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About Us

CFBS is a group of financial advisors and business analysts who are passionate about business, finance and providing peace of mind through the in depth knowledge and analysis of financial and business circumstances for clients. We believe in building a personal relationship with our clients by creating unique solutions, regularly reviewing these solutions and having a wide knowledge base within our team.

We’re committed to providing a personal service to clients that is focused on their personal and business financial well-being.

Interested in Joining Us?

Whether you are looking to build your practice or simply looking for great camaraderie, then CFBS is the place for you! Kevin Morley is a renowned expert in Business Assurance and Estate Planning with more than 35 years’ experience that will guide you and assist you. We also have arrangements in place for people that want to look at retiring and want a safe haven to ensure they unlock the value of their business as opposed to just walking away from it. And with this, comes great admin backup and team spirit! Interested? Contact Johan Pienaar.