Are you a financial advisor looking to join a winning team? 

Our team will help you and your clients by creating unique solutions that will enhance and grow both your and your client’s businesses and personal goals.

Our company was established more than 10 years ago and draws on the combined experience of our people. Our approach is defined in our motto: To collate information, create a unique plan and educate and guide our clients to achieve their goals.

Our commitment to you, as part of our team, is to share our vast combined experience with you and to help you build your business by guiding your clients in the best possible way to fulfil their legacy.


At CFBS you will have one of the best opportunities in the industry to enhance and grow your business. 

Our Value Proposition is unique and offers the following:

  • CFBS have experts in business assurance, we will provide hands on training and access to expert business assurance advice.

  • We will assist you to become comfortable in business assurance and eventually become an expert yourself.

  • CFBS have experts in estate planning, we will provide training and access to expert estate advice , we will train you to become comfortable in estate planning and have legal advisors who offer help with drawing up estate expenses plans  for you.

  • CFBS have experts in wealth planning, we will provide training and access to expert wealth advice, we will train you  to become an expert as an integrated wealth planner and you will obtain an IWP accreditation.

  • Kevin Morley, the owner of CFBS, is one of the foremost experts in Estate Planning and Business assurance in the country and you are guaranteed to have the best assistance in this regard as well as investment advice.

  • CFBS  believes in building one’s practice by obtaining qualified introductions.  One of the ways we achieve this is by helping you with client presentations and to assist in appointing qualified referrals using an IC contract, which helps build your existing client base with the desired clients you prefer to work with.



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