Unusual Investments…and where to find them

Unusual investments, often referred to as alternative investments, can be intriguing and potentially profitable. They offer diversification beyond traditional asset classes like stocks and bonds, but require careful consideration and due diligence. With the right approach and the guidance of experts, you can explore these alternative asset classes to diversify your investments and potentially achieve your financial goals.

  • Art comes in as a first thought. Perhaps not so unusual but often seen as a good additional avenue of investment. Certainly investing in art, rare stamps, vintage cars, or other collectibles can be a unique way to diversify your portfolio. These are items that can appreciate significantly in value over time. But it’s a venture that requires research and some knowledge of these fields, involving visits to art galleries, auctions, and specialist dealers. How the value may increase over time may lie in the fact that you need to study the potential rather than rely on personal taste.
  • Then there is wine which can, over time, offer enormous value as bottles and their contents age with robust richness in dark cellars. Investment-grade wine is typically stored in controlled conditions to preserve quality. Specialised wine investment funds exist for you to explore, and wine auctions are common avenues for accessing this market. Whisky tends to fall into its own category here; aged whisky carries fair expectation that the value will increase. Whisky auctions and specialised whisky investment companies are common sources for this type of investment.
  • Rare coins, especially those with historical significance, can be highly valuable and well sought-after by enthusiastic collectors. Numismatic experts, coin shows, and coin dealers are sources for acquiring these assets.
  • You might shy away from cryptocurrencies, but in truth they are becoming more mainstream. However, they are still considered unusual by traditional standards, if not a little uncertain. But popularity continues, so it’s up to you. Like all investments, they carry risk, so you need to assess that, and your own risk tolerance.
  • Property investment is not considered unusual – but it depends on the land. Investing in agricultural land can provide long-term value, especially as the global population grows. Farmland investment companies, real estate agents, and agricultural organisations can help you find suitable opportunities. Unusual land investment can also include investing in timberland, which involves acquiring and managing forests or woodlands. Timberland investment trusts and timber management companies can facilitate this type of investment.
  • Intellectual properties present a host of opportunities, especially if it’s your own! However, investing in royalties from music and books to patents and trademarks can provide ongoing income. Platforms like the Royalty Exchange connects investors with creators seeking to sell their intellectual property rights.

Researching the market – finding your unusual investments

Finding and investing in unusual assets requires a combination of research, specialised knowledge, and the right connections. You will need to plan and set your financial goals, evaluate your risk tolerance, and factor in your time horizon. What you choose to invest in should align with your objectives, but don’t put all your funds into one investment; diversify across several fields to create a steady balance and manage risk.

Educate yourself through research. Read books, attend seminars, and follow industry news. It’s essential to understand any asset’s market dynamics, potential risks, and historical performance. Consult experts – their insights can be invaluable in making informed decisions.

Make sure you know about, and attend relevant auctions and shows. Attend industry events, conferences, and exhibitions to meet experts, sellers, and fellow investors. Many unusual investments, such as art, collectibles and rare coins, are bought and sold at these kinds of connective opportunities. Attending these events allows you to network with sellers and other potential investors, continually learning from the interaction of experienced people.

Some unusual investment areas have specialised investment firms and funds. Finding them and consulting with them can help you to gain exposure to the asset classes that interest you. In this way, you are also able to build a network of contacts who will prove essential for discovering unusual investments.

However, whatever you choose to do, always conduct the necessary due diligence. Review every asset’s history, potential risks, and expected returns. Seek legal and financial advice if necessary – but most importantly, consider the liquidity of the investment and have a clear exit strategy. Some unusual investments may be illiquid, making it challenging to sell when needed.

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Unusual Investments…and where to find them